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    Hi Guys,


    All credit to creator of this tool, I am just posting a trick for beta users. Tool and guide here .

    In this guide, I will just share some tricks to update your phone if you are beta user from BKL-L09C675B108 (beta build) to a stable one out there B159. Few users got the updates but due to some issue, OTAs were stopped and we were struggling with beta build. I tried all the available method possible but as I am non rooted or can not unlock my bootloader so could not do anything like no-check recovery installation or other ways.

    Please follow the original thread if you are EMUI 8.0 user as it will work very easily and you can update. Please continue with this trick only if you are beta user.

    P.S. I am not responsible for anything but this should doesn't harm anything and should update fine.

    Long story short. I tried few versions of Hisuite but the one which worked for me is HiSuite_8.0.1.300_OVE, available on Huawei website, you can capture from here as well

    1- Connect your phone to your computer through USB
    2- Before proceeding, make sure HiSuite isn't running. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del, kill the service HuaweiHiSUite64.exe from services tab) and also make sure it is not running Processes tab, If it's running, right-click and select "End Task" to kill the process
    3- Run "Launcher.exe" and HiSuite should open
    4- Once the HiSuite is launched it will immediately ask for update HiSuite Application until you update you can use the app. Notice the update option (for EMUI version) location on your screen with a red dot and close the HiSuite (it may sound weird but that is the trick)

    5- Kill the app again from task manager and double launcher.exe again.
    6- This time make sure to click few times the update option before the HiSuite Update window launches. Once it is launched, no matter if HiSuite update windows launches at the same time, you can still click on EMUI update options. (sometime HiSuite update window doesnt launch if you are fast enough to click on EMUI update option- mine was not launched in last attempt)
    7- Once the EMUI update window is launched you can click on update and restore to earlier version (it will restore to the same stable EMUI 9.0 version BKL-L09C675B159) so just click on update .

    8- Wait for HiSuite to finish installing the update on your phone.

    9- Once Finish, phone will reboot and it will finish the installation and update.

    10- During the update, it will optimize the application and once boothed, you will be on B159 stable version.

    Before and After update screenshot.

    Good luck and enjoy.
    01-02-2019 01:59 PM
  2. shashank1320's Avatar
    This may work with HiSuite version as well but not working with 9.X version
    01-03-2019 12:46 AM

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