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    Honor view 20 or v20 is the flagship level smartphone launched by Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand, in December 2018 in Beijing, China and global release on 22th January 2019 in Paris, France. While the phone is mostly talked about the incredible flagship level configuration, latest Kirin processor, world’s first high-definition 48MP rear camera, All-View display with in-screen camera and dual NPU, there are various other features coupled with this smartphone that makes this phone even better and is set to embark a new era for the Smartphone in the market that will definitely follow the trend for some time to come.
    There is one unique feature that Honor v20 possesses, makes it even more flagship worthy, which is Honor view 20’s new TOF 3D camera. Let’s discuss more on this.
    Honor view 20’s new TOF 3D camera, for sure, will be your trusted companion for exploring a new dimension in the world around you.

    Let’s talk more about the TOF technology which is used in view 20. TOF means “Time Of Flight” It is basically a camera technology or a technology or a property of an object, electromagnetic waves or other form of waves, say infrared. It is the time that such an object needs to travel a distance through any medium. Measurement of such time can be used as a standard to measure velocity or distance through that used medium and get more information about the object.

    For camera technology, it emits the infrared and then measures the 3D information on the used object by calculating the time duration for reflecting of the infrared.
    Honor view 20’s 3D modelling works best for an object within 1-meter distance to create 3D and most accurate model for the same object.
    This is not a new technology and use of this was begun in 2016 for gaming machines like Xbox Kinet. Honor view 20 not only have 3D functions but complete ecosystem like dual NPU and AI coupled with Kirin 980, which makes it standout for this technology.

    TOF 3D camera VS 3D depth sensing camera
    In fact, Honor phones has possessed the 3D creator or 3D Panorama feature since some time now and works very well. Within 1 to 1.2 meters, precision of 3D depth sensing camera is better than TOF and hence works very well and is suitable for the face ID.
    On the other hand, TOF works very well when there is some distance between the object and hence suitable in rear camera. The Honor View 20 has a 3D TOF sensor at the rear panel. The sensor sits on the dual rear camera setup and includes a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 primary sensor with an f/1.8 aperture and LED flash support which enables to create 3D avatars of users. The 3D hardware uses infrared light to measure information and precisely separate people from the background, producing stunning pictures with bokeh effect. The Honor View 20 uses the full potential of Hi-Silicon Kirin 980, dual NPU and AI Algorithm coupled with the 3D TOF sensor to create a 3D image of the object it is tracking.

    This is one of the feature of Honor view 20 that’s makes this phone standout of the competition and ticks all the boxes to be you’re your first choice for a flagship phone. Let us know your favorite feature by the way.
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    02-04-2019 12:42 AM
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    Sorry for the deletion -- I undeleted the post, but it looks like you may have to re-do the attachments.
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    I don't know if should buy this phone because of the price but if the camera is that good then I might
    05-17-2019 03:08 AM

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