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    Noob. First post. I've installed Evervolv 4.3.1 Beta on my Touchpad in part to run the Camranger app on it (a well-known wireless DLSR camera control program).

    I haven't found anything "wrong" with the 4.3.1 build (I'm very happy/impressed with it!), and other apps in my gapps bundle as well as downloaded have worked great, but the Camranger app will fail at the registration process, seeming like it won't connect to the Internet.

    Currently running Camranger iOS on my iPhone 4 and Camranger Win7 beta on my PC with no problems.

    I know it's not a hugely popular app, but I'm hoping someone here could offer some enlightenment. Maybe some wisdom as to why an app wouldn't be able to connect to Internet through the TP?

    Thanks, guys!
    App site:
    CamRanger | Wireless DSLR Remote Control | iPad Mac Android PC

    My system:
    moboot 038
    CWM6 20121215
    evervolv 2014.01.29-4.3.1
    gapps jb4.3-20130813-signed
    02-11-2014 10:50 PM

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