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    Hi I am using s7e exyons version silver color. I really like the way phone works and there is no lag. Camera is awesome and screen is great. Have used s6 edge and iPhone 6s before. I really feel s7 edge is most stylish phone I have seen like htc m7 was when it was launched. I felt htc lost the plot after that till HTC 10. I went to see phone in showroom screen felt as bright as my edge at least inside the showroom. Camera seemed on par too in lil time I spent with it. It was audio sound that really impressed me. I change my phone every 5-6 months as I am unable to control urge to use new better technology. I would have bought it instantly had they launched phone with silver color and black front but here in India we have only golden and dark grey color option. I am really confused as I really like s7edge camera and like listening to music in shower and operating phone in shower but occasional edge touches are little irritating. I can live without water proofing but of all the reviews I have read it says htc 10 camera lacks behind s7 edge. What I feel is htc 10 to me looks a lot like m7 which is minus point for me as its getting old now but It's audio performance makes me weak in knees specially earphones performance. So you get my conundrum other thing htc 10 resale value is also less. Any inputs from htc 10 users if there facing any issues or what they like about htc 10? I like both softwares to be fair.

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    06-27-2016 12:52 PM
  2. jeetu4444's Avatar
    Being in india..i would never shift to htc 10..thou s7 edge is better is most departments than htc 10 apart from audio I think...i too own s7 edge and is very happy with it...
    Resale value of htc phones in india is nothing compared to samsung..soo decide well before jumping the ship...

    Posted via my Awesome Lumia 950 , Beautiful S7 Edge Gold or Surface pro 4
    06-27-2016 03:08 PM

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