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    EDIT; a restart seems to have fixed it.

    I got Nougat and already hate it. The stock HTC mail app used to have a preview setting so I could see the first few lines of each email. Now, not only can I not see anything about my email, I can't find a setting to fix it. I run a business from my phone and this is like being back to a flip phone.

    Without just recommending another email app, can anyone please help and let me know how to get the preview back? Gmail notifications are working fine but I have a few accounts on the stock app for a specific reason and want to keep them there.

    Edit; I see that open the email app no longer removes the notification from the bar so it seems that HTC hasn't bothered to make sure the stock email would be Nougat-friendly.
    11-27-2016 03:48 PM

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