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    I had this HTC Amaze for over a year on T-mobile and worked great.
    I have dropped it few times before and never any issue.

    Last week, it just slid down from my knee to carpet and then it lost network.
    All signal bars are grayed out and there is an x next to it.
    Sim card or no sim card, it's still x on the bar.
    No networks found when checked.
    Also tried airplane mode on/off.
    Tried changing GSM and GSM/CDMA auto etc...
    Reset to factory.

    Still same thing. Now I have a small tablet instead of a phone.
    I used SIM in different phone and works fine.
    I opened the back but everything looks good. Nothing loose or broken.
    Is it done now or any hope left?
    09-24-2013 02:58 PM

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