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    Sorry for the duplicate post, my system hung on the post and I didn't think it made it to the forum. Mods please delete one of the posts. Sorry all!!

    I have done the unthinkable with the Aria, Lost the Batter Cover (aka antenna). As most of you know the antenna is built into the battery cover and I lost it on a hiking trip. I got too excited to show some friends my cool yellow encasing and with a slip, bobble and holy *&%^ it fell into a ravine and was lost forever. Anyhow, I could use some help, it has been almost a week and here is what I have tried and can't find a replacement:

    1. Went to AT&T and they don't sell battery covers only but they did say that if there was a returned one at any store they would give me the battery cover from the returned one. I have called (and in many cases stopped into) every AT&T store in a 100 mile radius and none of them have a returned Aria.

    2. Called HTC and AT&T to see if they have replacement parts. AT&T acted like it was the craziest question I could have asked them. HTC said call back in a week and I said will you have them then, she said "No, probably not but we might have more information." Not very helpful.

    3. I have scoured the Interwebs (third party HTC accessory sites, ebay, google, bing, cnn.cn, etc) and found nothing so I turn the finest community on earth to find an answer. I am new to this forum but am a long time Crackberry patron which led to me Android Central for my answers.

    The Aria is pretty much useless without the cover because of the integrated antenna. Any help would be appreciated.
    07-08-2010 04:23 PM