1. stonexu1984's Avatar
    I just bought this phone and have several Qs

    1. In the internal phone storage or SD card? I know I can choose to save the attachment in SD card but how about the email itself?

    2. I choose download past 3 days mail, so once tomorrow comes, how does it deal the emails 3 days ago? store in the phone memory or delete them automatically?

    3. If I remove the account will it release the storage? Since i head HTC has storage leak problem which means it holds the storage and you will get "low memory" notifications periodically.

    4. Unlike other applications, i cannot find a way to clear the cache or data of HTC email or yahoo email application. are they counted as internet data or cache? or sth else, i don't understand.

    Thanks a lot!
    07-20-2010 05:02 PM