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    I'm the OCD type that's always trying to keep everything organized; whether it's my house, car, or electronics. So of course I'm pretty much constantly clearing out all of my running apps, and then at least once a day using the stock "Boost+" app that comes on the Bolt to clear junk and memory. So I was curious if there was a better way or if anyone has had good, proven luck with any other apps, programs, or tips/tricks that will either free up some RAM, or if there's a way to add RAM. I was thinking about utilizing a speed class 3 SD card and mounting that into my phone. However I'm unsure if that will just simply increase storage, or if I can mount it as RAM. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks yous guys.
    03-01-2017 11:36 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Hey Sauce, welcome to the forums mate! We are all a bit ocd probably, but android is very efficient in organising itself without any help. "cleaning" just clears cached data, or closes apps, which mostly just restart anyway, using ram and battery in the process.
    Some "cleaners" wipe data that the device needs to function, so you can brick a device if you get too enthusiastic!
    Deleting cached data means the next time you open the app/browser or whatever, the device has to find all the data again before it can do its thing (as opposed to having it "handy" so as to be able to quickly open).
    A cache partition wipe now and then will keep the phone efficient abs fresh.
    Some devices and software will allow the sd card to be used as part of the internal ram, not sure how successful that is. There are articles about it around the forums, or you can ask Jerry or one of the other learned chaps here...
    I usually just clean apps once I don't want them any more, probably more ocd then need really...
    These are fun devices, one can poke around for hours, tweaking stuff and personalising them...
    Happy days!
    03-02-2017 02:56 AM

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