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    Well, despite the many negative reviews we found about this phone, we went ahead and bought it for my wife's first Android phone. What we found from those review was, the phone is definitely not for a power user, but for a casual user who wants a fixed keyboard Android-based smartphone. After nearly a week, she is very happy with both the hardware and with Android 2.3.3.

    Working memory seems to be in the 80-90 MB range, which many have stated. While a bit scary on the low end, it hasn't affected the performance in any way that we can see, yet. We have downloaded only a few things, and immediately shifted those over to the 16 GB card that we added to it. So far, so good.

    Battery life has been a non-issue. She charges it every night, and has never dropped below 50% by the time she plugs it back in the next evening.

    Screen scrolling is good, with very little lag. I have an Atrix2, and while it's hard to compare apples here, I am quite impressed by this phone's display for what it was meant to be. Having up to seven home screens is also nice.

    The keyboard is fabulous. Those who need a physical keyboard will really want to look at this phone, if for no other reason.

    Hopefully, this continues. If not, we are hoping it goes south BEFORE our 30-day return period is up!!!

    Please feel free to post your experiences, good and bad, so we can be aware of features/issues that we might not already be aware of.
    11-04-2011 10:57 AM