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    This phone has all the things I've been searching for in a compact device and has been holding up consistently well over time. I'm amazed that only for like $160 (got it at Target during the holidays) that this phone performs this well. Let me go over the highlights first:

    Battery: Battery lasts me all day on a moderate use, and I'm a moderate user when I'm not on my charger. I know there's probably even better battery experiences out there but my Lumia 1020 had some serious issues, so coming from that is just a breath of fresh air. To put in comparison, I had my lumia in battery saving mode from day start to day end and would be around 28% usually and this was with texting, web browsing, lots of music playing, a few calls, and youtube videos when I was on break. I do the same with this phone just as is and I'm barely under 40%, and there's been days where I don't get to my charger til hours later than expected and it still runs like a champ

    Daily usage: Little to no slow load times. I still have the factory rom on there, and I added the AC lock screen to it, and I multi task a lot with facebook messenger chat heads, text, internet browsing, youtube, and nothing muddles it. The only thing I will say slows it up are my texts but that's probably due to all the multimedia messages I receive

    The Front Firing Speakers: Heaven sent. Calls and music sound so clear

    HTC's Software: I really like HTC sense 6 and the tweaks they've added. It's not obtrusive like Touchwiz. The music player really surprised me yesterday when it was showing lyrics to my media.

    I only have two complaints: Memory, and ffc. Memory would be ok if I could get all apps to install to my SD but it's a hit or miss, so that's not working. And my FFC isn't the best which I knew that coming into the purchase, but it'll hold up.

    So I think Android will be my first choice for phone going forward, it's just a matter of hardware, which I am more than sure the Galaxy Alpha is my next device. Under 5" seems to be my comfort level, and that seems to be the highest quality phone with that screen
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    01-26-2015 06:47 PM
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    Glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for the review!
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    01-26-2015 10:19 PM

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