1. mallybum's Avatar
    hi i am writing to ask has anybody else had this problem my htc desire 610 i had a problem with the sim card it kept coming out so ive sent it to htc because its still under warrenty theyve got back to me stating that my phone is out of warrenty because the security seal was broken and also 4 screws were missing out the back i know that ive never tampered with the phone or took any screws out it was a brand new phone they want me to pay 94 pound to repair it has any body got any advice as to what i can do
    08-16-2015 02:23 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! There may not be much you can do, unless you somehow took detailed photos of the phone prior to sending it off to show that it wasn't tampered with (i.e., showing that those screws were actually there when you sent it to them). Did you get it brand new from a carrier store, or from a 3rd party retailer? If it was from an independent store, it's always possible that they sold you a phone that somebody else returned (and that person might have tampered with it before returning it).

    Your options are to pay the cost of repair and get your phone back in working order, or refuse the repair and ask them to send it back to you (but they might charge you for the shipping). If you do the latter, you can then inspect it yourself to confirm what they were talking about.
    08-16-2015 07:00 PM

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