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    i have bought a dual sim HTC Desire 816 two months ago, and i decided to root the device and do something similar to jailbreak (i am an iPhone user), and i failed miserably in the middle stage so now it's unlocked but not completely.

    The problem started a month after the rooting, the screen doesn't take all touches, i have to press 50 times so it can go, and then it works for 5 minutes, and then it stops again. I tried to factory reset the phone, it goes into a coma stage, and i tried to hard reset it through the fast boot, and it also went to coma.

    Anyone can help me step by step how can i delete this software and install a new one to enjoy my phone, or should i just forget about the phone? I am currently working in Nigeria and no one actually has an idea around here how to fix A phone.

    All help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
    03-04-2015 08:40 AM

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