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    Few months back I created a folder Music in my SD card of Desire 816 & copied about 9 GB of Songs inside it in Artist/Albums/songs organized folder way. I also changed the settings so all my pictures from Camera will be stored in SD card under the folder DCIM & there was no problem of accessing these folders & files inside it from both Mobile & Laptop via USB until today when I realized I can't see these 2 folders from my laptop via USB.

    These 2 folders can be seen from application like ES File Explorer from the mobile.
    Cannot access some of the folders & the files inside it of the SD card from PC-screenshot_2015-03-07-09-56-51.png
    & I can still play the Songs of the Music folder from the Music Players & access the pictures of DCIM folder from the Gallery.

    But I can't add more songs in that folder & can't copy the pictures of Camera to PC which seems the problem.
    Cannot access some of the folders & the files inside it of the SD card from PC-screenshot_2015-03-07-09-56-52.png

    The weird thing is I have no problem accessing other folders & files from PC. Also to note these 2 folders contain much more files & take more space compared to other folders.

    I checked the folder & search options & make sure that the folder was not hidden so that is not the problem.

    I googled for this problem & found none.

    Any help to rectify this will be appreciated?
    03-06-2015 10:38 PM

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