1. northstreet's Avatar

    This problem started recently - uptil then the phone had been working fine since I got it 6 months ago. Thephone no longer remembers the passwords tpo any of the secured networks I normally use - home, work or friends. Each time I want to connect I have to enter the password. The phone connects to unsecured passwords no problem. I don't think I've changed any relevant settings. I've asked HTC directly. First thing we tried was clearing the data cache but that hasn't helped. Apparentlt the 'wpa' file taht remembers passwords is corrupt and the only solution is to reset the phone. I can do that but it seems a bit of a pain so I wondered if anyone here had any better suggestions? Thanks for your help.

    06-17-2013 11:00 AM
  2. Barbara Snieders's Avatar
    I have the same problem,
    Did you find a solution yet?

    09-10-2013 08:06 AM
  3. Dale Taylor's Avatar
    Hi. I had same problem, searching internet it appears the only way to solve this is to do a factory reset. Back up first however, as you'll lose everything; contacts, apps, photos etc.

    Great News! I backed up all my phone contacts to sim card and then removed the phone battery/sim card before I was about to do the dreaded factory reset via phone settings... I thought to myself, I'll give it one last try to see if this made any difference - and it worked! Touch wood, removing the sim/battery appears to have solved the issue. To prove it, I connected to my wifi and then walked 200yrds up the street until the wifi signal was disconnected. I then fully powered off my phone and walked back into the house and turned it back on inside. It connected automatically... let's see how long this lasts
    09-27-2013 05:23 AM
  4. Si Hands's Avatar
    Dale's solution worked for me too so try taking out the Sim Card, SD Card and Battery. Very odd that it's related but it did the trick for me too!
    Thanks so much!
    12-30-2014 07:08 AM
  5. epsomtax's Avatar
    worked for me too!
    03-23-2016 11:48 PM

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