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    While I wait for the Dot View cases to become available, I bought the Mofi case from Amazon for less than $20. Overall, it's a well made case that looks nice (I got black leather) and gives the phone nice protection. The front flap is rigid metal (I believe, as it seems to be magnetic for some reason) and gives nice protection to the screen. There's a little cutout on front for notification lights.

    Inside the case, the cover is felt-like to not hurt the screen. The phone is held in place by a clear plastic pocket that goes all the way around the edge of the phone. The clear plastic shows off the color of the phone, and it has cutouts for all the ports and buttons. Access is pretty good as I never noticed a problem reaching or pressing any button or in plugging in my phone.

    On the back of the case, there's a cutout fo the camera and flash. However, the flash reflects off the side of the cutout (even though it looks like there's plenty of room) and puts a flare on the lens, affecting flash photos. Non-flash photos aren't affected at all.

    The case is hinged allowing for it to prop up in a landscape position. This is great for viewing videos and for using the large selfie camera, especially for selfies with groups as the group can all see themselves before the shot. This is great for photo composition.

    Drawbacks I see with this case - the flash issue with the back camera, and it doesn't wake/sleep the screen like I was used to on my Galaxy S4. Makes me wonder about the magnetic front cover and if it's supposed to. It would be nice, as the position of the power/screen button on the side is still new to me and I often just hit the volume down button by accident.

    Overall, especially for the price, this is a great case. I can live with the issues I've mentioned, and I like the more subdued look as it looks more professional around the office.

    Here are some pictures (excuse the dust on the case - didn't notice it beforehand, but the flash lit it up).

    Mofi case for the Desire Eye-16031253431_843e3299fb_k.jpgMofi case for the Desire Eye-16033203345_91f2f88e4a_k.jpgMofi case for the Desire Eye-16033200545_3a81aed1da_k.jpgMofi case for the Desire Eye-16032510092_badd47e722_k.jpgMofi case for the Desire Eye-15413551633_3d22a48dd0_k.jpgMofi case for the Desire Eye-15847142049_ae99160f6c_k.jpg
    12-16-2014 03:03 PM

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