1. AC Question's Avatar
    On my Desire Eye the wifi is 40mbps and 5 upload when I'm right next to the router but if I walk literally 10 feet away, it goes all the down to like 4mbps download and like 1 mbps upload. When I go upstairs to my bedroom, the speedtests are so slow that it just fluctuates between 0.00mbps and 0.1mbps. Why is this happening?? It's not a wifi problem because when using my phone right next to the router the speeds are good. So this has to be a phone problem. Does anyone else with a Desire Eye have this problem? How do I solve this?
    11-22-2015 10:46 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It sounds as if the wifi antenna inside the phone isn't connected, or it's broken (or the wire is broken).
    11-23-2015 01:22 AM

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