1. aliabela's Avatar
    As the title says, it is very important for me that my phone doubles as an mp3 player. Im about to get my first smartphone, and trying to decide between Desire S and Desire HD. This damn issue with the battery life is putting me off though...

    On an average day, say I listen to, at max, 2 hours of music, maybe 20 minutes of call time (often none whatsoever while Im out of the house though), 1 hour web surfing, regular sms'ing, and 30 minutes of gaming.

    Would you say it can get me through a 10 hour day, starting off fully charged in the morning? Id be willing to apply most of the tips around the net to save battery life (wifi, bluetooth, gps, syncing, mobile networking - off when not needed), although Id love the animations and live wallpapers to be always on

    Any help would be appreciated, as well as anything you have to offer on the DS vs DHD debate. Thanks!
    01-13-2012 05:24 AM
  2. quatermass's Avatar
    Try using the app Subsonic to play your music as it still plays even when the screen is off.

    A 1600mAH battery would add an extra hour & half over the default 1200mAH.

    But no way will you get 10 hours!
    Maybe 7 if you turn all data transfer options off?

    Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191
    01-20-2012 04:07 PM