1. niceguyjin's Avatar
    So I traded up from my old iPhone 3g to my sweet sweet HTC desire HD and was pretty surprised when linpack scores were only 3.9ish. Is there any reason for this?
    11-29-2010 10:56 AM
  2. societymike's Avatar
    You mean 39?

    DHD is averaging 39-41 on Linpack.

    I've run linpack a few times and I average around 40 mflops. (completely stock, no root)

    Make sure to turn "USB Debugging ON", saves battery life in case you didn't read that yet.
    12-18-2010 03:23 AM
  3. Saint AAI's Avatar
    I got my new Desire HD the other day, I don't know who your carrier is, but mine was on Orange (UK). The phone seemed sluggish compared to my old Hero and I got a Linpack score of 3.7 I rooted the phone and flashed a different ROM removing Orange's and all the bloat it comes with. Phone was much smoother and Linpack went straight to 44.
    01-21-2011 01:26 AM