1. zagi's Avatar
    Hi there,

    As with other handhelds (e.g. EVO 4G, Droid X) the Gingerbread OTA seems to have stopped all LED / TrackPad notifications. It seems that not everybody experiences this problem but I can confirm this issue on my stock HTC Desire Z.
    I already tried 3rd party apps (free and non-free versions) like LEDmeKnow / LightFlow with no success. I tried to tempRoot over visionary-app but of course the result is a black screen, probably my firmware is too new (sounds ridiculous, doesn't it) but I dare not to downgrade at the moment as from my point of view it is not clear if everything goes smooth and undo is possible (as the reports are quite old, end of 2010). So I think I tried all possible solutions so far (as I said rooting is not a option).
    Therefore I opened a support case at HTC and hoping the best to receive help from there.

    I'm curious what other people might think and would really appreciate some words of advise.

    08-06-2011 08:35 AM