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    hi , i have a htc desire Z A7272, i bought it from hong kong some cell phone store like when it first came out, then i tried to hook it up with the pccw from hong kong, putting the sim in it, it didn't work, so i bought it to the htc support center in hk, and the guy said the phone was from malaysia even tho i did bought it from hong kong store, so he downloaded an app and some how changed the rom or frequnce or something i'm not too sure what it was, but he simply just clicked my country i was in and restarted and the phone worked after, sim got register and everything, then i moved back to canada, went and hook it up with charta, same thing happened, sim didn'tn work at first, the guy download an app and did the same thing pretty much, i don't think it was the same app but it basically the same thing from hk, and it work after, so now i just reset my phone but i forgot the name of the app and i though i had it backed up in my sd card but somehow it's not. and i've been having so much headache from not beging able to get it back up and running, because a lot of my work i run through that phone and i really need to get it up and running before i can even switch it to an other android phone. can you please help. i would donate, i don't think i did any of the rooted or anything, since it was just a simply app downloaded and click and restarted, didn't involved a computer at all. so can you please please please help me out here,, i've been searching online for an answer for days and this is it. it's my last hope. i'm willing to pay to get it done, i just need to know what app i have to download and what it was exactly that they did, could it be refleshing rom? but i read alot of paper it all saids it involved a rooted processes which i really don't think that's what i did at first. so please help. i'm in canada. trying to have it hook up back onto charta or bell or telus anything.
    01-15-2013 04:34 PM

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