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    Hi All

    Hope you can answer this for me.
    I have the option of buying the desire either in japan or in china but don't know if i buy in japan it will work in china or ever the other way around. Japan has a real strangle hold on their phone system and I really do need a phone that will work both places.

    I travel a lot to japan but live in china and would prefer not to have to travel with two phones if its only a matter of using a softbank card when in japan that's easy enough.

    thank you in advance for your replies.
    05-12-2010 04:26 AM
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    for bart

    I cant send a PM because I only have one post so here is my answer to your question.

    Hey there.

    I couldnt help notice you said you visit Japan alot. Japan is a place I want to visit sometime in the near future and was wondering what your take is on tokyo? I love how vibrant and energetic the place looks. The Japanese culture seems so intruiging.
    Tokyo is the best !
    though i live in china I also have a house in Osaka and I find Japanese city life to be very relaxing and Convenient bold letters because that's what Japan is all about making life easier for people.

    As far as the vibrancy is concerned shinjuku is about as 24 hours as a person can get.

    (Keep in mind that japanese men work long hours get off late and usually go to noodle shops have a few beers and some of the best noodles in the world)

    a lot of shopping areas are small and have the feel of crowded alleyways with so many sites and interesting people and shops to browse can be a little trying to find clothes in the smaller boutiques but the malls are all easy to shop in.

    on the culture side I think its really neat to see young and old women wearing kimonos in the summer it feels like they, unlike the Chinese have not forsaken their culture.
    oh and you don't need to bow all the time a nod a thank you and a hand shake do you well enough.
    Japanese people are very polite !! and helpful when I have gotten lost on the metro even they don't speak English they are still willing to try and sort you out.
    very clean and well ordered country, I love the tokyo drift movies but have yet to see anything like that in real life. girls are lovely food is fantastic and varied. and shopping is what people do things are cheap and plus you get the wow factor when you buy things there and return home with gadgets your friends have never even heard of.

    GO GO GO .
    05-14-2010 10:54 AM
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    This thread has the same title as an adult movie I rented once..
    05-16-2010 05:55 PM
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    This thread has the same title as an adult movie I rented once..
    Ha ha now that you mention it , it would be a good title
    05-17-2010 03:49 AM