1. Entropy1024's Avatar
    It appears that the custom alarm & notification sounds can only be stored on the SD card.

    A problem I have found is that when you have the phone plugged in to charge it un-mounts the SD card. If you have an alarm when it's plugged in you don't get a sound.

    I realise you can select the 'Charge only' option when you plug it in but that's easy to forget and sometimes you want the phone to act as an external drive.
    Also sometimes after removing it from charge the alarms are still mute. I think this may be because an alarm failed to play when on charge then the phone defaults to no alarm sound.

    Is there a way to get round this? Saving alarm sounds to phone itself would help. I have rooted my phone.

    Many thanks
    for any help

    I have a HTC Desire running Froyo 2.2
    09-13-2010 03:57 PM
  2. SeeK's Avatar
    I'm sure there is a way to redirect the path for the sounds, but I figure it'd be easier for you to just check the "Always use this option" box when plugging it in and choosing Charge only, but this still leaves the possibility of you using it for storage and then forgetting to switch modes. No way around that, really. I've never had any problems with files on the card not working properly after a mount, though.
    09-14-2010 06:06 AM