1. vcent's Avatar
    hi , all im new to android phones os , this is my 2nd day .

    i have a few questions to ask about this phone .

    1. when charging my phone the touch screen and responds is not proper and the icons will shaking like trembling , only when is charging it . after i disconnected from charging mode the phone is fine again . what is the problem here ??

    2. when ever i take a picture or video , i cant seem to view it on the phone , it will prompt out a message like this " sorry, the application connected media (process com.htc.connectmedia) has stopped unexpectedly. pls try again FORCE CLOSE .
    *i tried manay times and it do not respomds whatsoever , but i can view the picture and video from my computer if i connect phone to computer .

    im running on 2.2 froyo now , is this the main problem of froyo ? and shoud i downgrade to 2.1 ? if tht is the case how do i downgrade ?

    thank you in advance ...hope you all can help me on this matter
    12-27-2010 03:15 AM
  2. orangeagent's Avatar
    My advice would be, if you've only had it 2 days to return it to the store you purchased and get a replacement. The problems you are describing are definitely not normal, and I would try a replacement before the return period expires.
    01-02-2011 07:05 PM