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    Had the phone 5 years, never had this problem, so I'm open to ideas!

    It's an HTC Desire (original Bravo model). It keeps restarting, and it appears to do this only after the screen times out and goes black (if I set the screen lock to 30 minutes.... it does not restart!). This would seem to indicate a system problem; maybe a kernel problem. But I have tried 3 different batteries, 4 different ROMs (3 "MildWild" and 1 "WindowsMod"), wiped data/reset/cache a dozen times, removed the SD card, and for good measure, removed updates/cache from Google Play services.

    Thus I've ruled out virus or software/system issue. It does not matter if its a clean install with no additional apps installed, the phone will still restart after the screen goes off. (If you do nothing it will keep restarting every few minutes).
    11-02-2015 12:11 AM

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