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    Hey Everyone,

    Well this is my first post here ... I used the search function could not find the answer and if I over looked it sorry.

    I have an HTC Desire (2.2)

    I have sucessfully transfered both pictures and video's from the phone to my laptop via bluetooth but ...

    The video's do not transfer with sound?

    Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
    03-26-2011 05:16 PM
  2. SVTF's Avatar
    Just tried to USB teather as well ... Mounted as a drive.
    Copy and pasted ... Still no sound?
    03-26-2011 06:05 PM
  3. SVTF's Avatar
    Solved - Installed k-lite codec pack - and Everything works fine.
    03-26-2011 06:44 PM