1. o2bnclemson's Avatar
    FYI - for those who use PDANet, I was unable to use mine after upgrading to 2.1. On my PC, I closed PDANet and then reinstalled it (the most recent version). This cleared up the problem and re-installed it on my phone as well.

    Apparently this is the fix for other apps as well, like Swype.
    05-16-2010 04:24 PM
  2. PJX's Avatar
    i'm using the same pdanet i was using on 1.5 with no problem...
    05-18-2010 01:05 PM
  3. JerseyFF's Avatar
    I am using PDAnet w/2.1v3 no problems
    05-19-2010 11:09 AM
  4. mikeyonline's Avatar
    Just tried PDAnet out on my eris with 2.1, no issues. Is there any additional charges when you tether?
    05-20-2010 08:49 AM
  5. KickedAsh's Avatar
    Here's what the PDANet web sites says about this:

    Does PdaNet use voice or data? Will I get extra charge from my carrier for using PdaNet?

    PdaNet usage is identical to Internet usage on your phone. So it only goes through your data plan. If you have an unlimited data plan (most smartphones do) then you should be covered.

    05-21-2010 04:43 PM
  6. jaskru's Avatar
    It was working fine until today. Uninstalled and reinstalled as well as checked my configured modems. I have gone between the 651, 633, and 628 errors and still can't get it to work. No new apps other than rightmark clock utility which has been running fine with no conflicts. Maybe I caught some adware trying to monitor my modem but other than that I just can't figure it out. Dead in the water....
    05-22-2010 12:20 PM
  7. jaskru's Avatar
    meh.... it's an issue with my laptop. connection with the desktop works fine.
    05-22-2010 03:14 PM