1. ericsmcdonald's Avatar
    Hey anyone else having problems with their Google Talk? For me, I'll have issues keeping conversations going. Like I'll be in the middle of a convo, then the phone will hop to the home screen, and when I go back into Google Talk, it often "re-signs" in and the convo I was having is gone. This has happened both while I've been typing a message or awaiting a reply.

    I also have an issue when I get a notification of a new convo. It shows up in the notifications window, but won't be there when I open up the convo from the notification or if i open it from launching the app.

    Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated
    11-08-2009 08:52 PM
  2. n2o's Avatar
    I have a very similar issue. It seems when my screen times out (Using Moto Droid) my connection is dropped.

    11-10-2009 03:23 PM