1. droid4me2's Avatar
    Eris newbie as of today,
    has anyone figure out how to use speaker phone?

    what's with the random "current" city of Helena in my weather settings & how can I remove it?

    Thanks for any help, y'all can offer!
    11-15-2009 12:43 AM
  2. cgrywalski's Avatar
    Once your in a phone call, you'll see a small speaker icon just below where contact picture is. just tap for speaker on and then again for speaker off. there is also a mute mic icon there as well. one more tip, if your in a call and screen goes black, just click trackball. hope this helps you out.

    as for the weather city, go into the weather app and go to remove area and sekect the cities you want to remove and remove them. i my self dont use the standard weather app at all i use weatherbug. has nice widget.
    11-15-2009 10:58 AM
  3. droid4me2's Avatar
    Great thanks! For the Speaker phone tip!

    as for the weather/city issue, it goes back & forth between my proper location & where it seems to think I am "Helena" which is an hour behind me so it messes the time up. When I open browser Google seems to think "Helena" is my location and won't let me change it setting it as my default therefore not allowing me to delete it. I launched google maps & it has me at my proper location so for now it's right on the home screen to. But Google (thru browser) still says Helena!!! Urrrggghhhhh a bit frustrating! I will try weather bug & see if it helps! Thanks!
    11-15-2009 12:02 PM