1. rtb's Avatar
    I've tried to save several different wallpapers (all are the right resolution) but the Droid Eris stretches out only a section of the picture in the background. I just want the picture to take up the whole background, not a stretched out section of it. Any ideas?
    11-22-2009 09:32 PM
  2. Cheese_ME's Avatar
    I forget what the exact term was for this, but the wallpaper moves slightly as you move through your home screens. Your wallpaper size should be 640 x 480 for the Home Screen wallpapers.
    11-22-2009 10:38 PM
  3. Kuth70's Avatar
    Found this link. You need to set the size of the image so that the device can scroll left and right for the different app screens. Basically you need the graphic to be 640x480.

    I Found This Useful: Android Wallpapers
    11-22-2009 10:40 PM