1. pmdied's Avatar
    I use task/app killer to end tasks but had a couple of questions;

    Will my device auto-shutdown or terminate an app that is running in he background if it is unused for a period of time, say 15 minutes?

    Can I configure Advanced Task Killer or any other task killer to do so?

    Does Eris have a setting that will automatically shut down an app if it is going unused? Some apps, such as Handcent, I prefer to keep running at all times but others, like the Market or others that don't require syncing would like to have them shut down after a period of time to free up memory.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    12-23-2009 02:12 PM
  2. Ruben's Avatar
    There is an easy solution to this. Just download TaskPanel (one word) and it has an autokill feature. You can also download Advanced Task Killer pro for something around three dollars. I'd go with the free, though.
    12-23-2009 10:05 PM