1. Terry4505's Avatar
    I installed Handcent SMS on my Eris, and I love the way it looks/works, the problem is, it runs very slowly at times, specifically when I am typing.

    Anyone have any ideas? I love this phone, but I feel like it lags at times.
    12-30-2009 09:39 AM
  2. Terry4505's Avatar
    Adding to that, under my TasKiller app, it says that I have somewhere in the ballpark of 54M, where a week ago it was around 75M when all tasks were killed. Where is all this memory going, and how can I improve it?
    12-30-2009 09:56 AM
  3. Cory Streater's Avatar
    I've been running Handcent on the Motorola Droid for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. It hasn't slowed the Droid down and it doesn't have any memory leaks. So this must be specific to the Eris, assuming others are having this issue as well.
    12-30-2009 10:13 AM
  4. Flyguide83's Avatar
    I have been running handcent for like three weeks now on my droid with almost zero issues whatsoever. my wife uses it on her my touch also.have you gotten the newest upgrade? I got it last night.also you should really write an email to the handcent guys..they responded to me very quickly.gl
    12-30-2009 11:04 AM
  5. Terry4505's Avatar
    I got the update today and it seems to be working better. I also solved my own memory problem my turning off the phone for a minute and turing it back on, it seems to be running much much better. Now if only I could get an offical work on update 2.x
    12-30-2009 01:29 PM
  6. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    Handcent (on HTC phones with sense) is easily twice as slow as it was before the addition of the animated greetings. Revert to a file released prior to 12/22 to get the speed back. Probably an issue with ANY phone running something 'better' than the standard gallery application. It also like to hang again when sending MMS over wifi, which will keep it running forever until it's killed off.

    Every few days on any CDMA phone running 1.5 toggle your location services on and off to get your performance back. Known issue with they way agps and cellular location services were implemented. As you've seen, rebooting works too.
    12-30-2009 07:43 PM