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    I am coming over from having a Blackberry, and I am enjoying the Eris so far. I'm trying to find a few things that I think most people would want on their new phone, and one of them is a different locking application that will allow a person to just lock individual applications (i.e. email, SMS/MMS, picture files, etc.) that need some level of privacy. I do not have anything to hide, but just the nature of smartphones these days allows all of us to have a lot of personal info on our phones that we do not want to the average person to access if they pick up our phone.
    The pattern lock that comes with the Eris is fine, but it forces us to unlock it everytime we access our phone, or NOT have it on at all (which doesn't help). I had a great app on my Blackberry which was also called PatternLock, which allowed the user to put the lock on ANY screen or app you wanted, in addition to just having it when you intially access your phone each time. I had it set up on 3 - 4 different programs, and then I could also activate it to have to be used when I would next need my phone.

    If a person is using their phone 10 - 20 times a day, the current HTC Android included patternlock can be tedious, even though it DOES work. I've searched through the Android Market, and havent found a simple app that allows for a bit more customization. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but just looking for a better way to do things.
    Any helpful suggestions ?
    01-14-2010 02:17 AM
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    Photo vault allows you to lock down your pics.

    Key pass allows you to input passwords and data saucy requires a pass just to start andits free.

    Evernote requires a login for all your notes and backs up to your web account.

    Lookout allows you to locate your phone if it gets lost, via the web. You also have the feature to backup the pics and contacts to the web. It has a virus feature but I disable that.

    Other than that no idea what else you'd want to lock down.
    01-14-2010 10:07 AM
  3. IzelTokatl's Avatar
    ok, I found, randomly, a program called "App Vault" it allows you to lock down ANY program you have on the droid, and also hide any app (stow it away). its a paid app, but the catch is you have to have ROOT access. So until then... sorry.

    01-15-2010 01:56 PM
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    In answer to my own post from several months back, I came across a FREE app called App Lock that will allow us to lock down any apps we want without having to lock them all down. It still does use a keypad that you punch in a simple PIN of your own choosing, but it does allow you to set up a menu that allows you add whatever apps to it that you want to have to unlock. Nice job to the developers, as there are tons of folks who want something that gives them this kind of flexiblity to choose ONLY the apps they want to lock down. !

    It's definitely a step in the right direction, and I'm hoping someone will also make a similar app to this, but use the dot matrix system (like our Eris comes with) to perform this, rather than having to punch in 4 numbers each time.
    04-29-2010 05:00 PM