01-23-2010 10:28 PM
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  1. smartphone_user's Avatar

    Whos support sucks? Android? HTC? VZW?
    Seriously correct grammar on a forum?

    You should be so proud!

    HTC's support sucks!

    Who's would be the correct way to write that. We can all be grammar police.
    01-22-2010 11:02 PM
  2. mrfarinhight's Avatar
    Well, looks like Friday was NOT the day.
    01-22-2010 11:16 PM
  3. infg3570's Avatar
    Nearly drank myself into a stupor but it makes sense what someone posted. If there were an update, there would have been a leak prior. Maybe at some point February? Think I may consider becoming a chef and cooking my own ROM after this thing is finally rooted.
    01-23-2010 04:25 AM
  4. redman213's Avatar
    Who knows how long root will take. We might have to wait for the source code to be released. Which (by my guess) won't be till the end of next month to early March.
    01-23-2010 05:11 PM
  5. DjCalvin's Avatar
    HTC said they wouldn't release the kernel till they are ready (src: xda devs bounty topic) Which to me says after the 2.x release..
    01-23-2010 07:49 PM
  6. redman213's Avatar
    When is the end of Q1 anyways?
    01-23-2010 08:42 PM
  7. tada1096's Avatar
    march 31st
    01-23-2010 10:11 PM
  8. redman213's Avatar
    oh lol so its literally every three months I thought it was some other specific dates. Thanks.
    01-23-2010 10:28 PM
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