1. Busbar's Avatar
    I just updated the NPR app as it now streams broadcasts... but I have't been able to get anything to stream on my Eris—not regular broadcasts, or those with "HD". The NPR podcast function works fine, so audio is somewhat working...

    Does anyone have this working on an Eris (v1.5)? If so, please share the call letters of the station you're receiving.
    02-17-2010 07:06 PM
  2. IzelTokatl's Avatar
    i've not actually been able to get the streaming to work, i've tried my local NPR stations in the LA/Orange County/Inland Empire area... to no avail.

    the developers kinda page:
    02-18-2010 02:22 PM
  3. ryan820's Avatar
    Works for me... even in less-than-desirable service areas.
    02-19-2010 08:41 AM
  4. Busbar's Avatar
    @ryan820... what station are you able to get a streaming feed to your Eris?
    02-19-2010 03:53 PM