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    I've had to send my phone back twice in the past month, initial issue was a weak vibrate motor and a difficult to press power button. Phone came back with a replaced mainboard but had to send the phone back right away as it wouldn't go into landscape mode (I determined it was a defective accelerometer). If I have to send it back a third time, I'm going to be absolutely livid.

    Anyways, onto the problem. I noticed (for the first time yesterday), that if the phone has <15% battery left and I use the pull down menu, the red LED with give a very quick flash that is not like the standard red LED flash when the battery is low. It will do this if you push on the top bar to activate the drop down menu and also if you completely swipe to bring the drop down menu down. However, doing any other actions such as pressing the capacitive buttons or scrolling will not cause the LED to flash briefly.

    To better show what I mean, I took the following video. The issue is best noticed around the 15 second mark as I think the camera fully focused at this point:

    So, is this normal or do I have to send it back again? I realise it's minor but if it is a defect I'd rather have it fixed while it's under warranty.
    05-11-2012 01:00 PM