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    OtterBox Commuter Review:
    The Case with Protection and Portablilty In Mind

    OtterBox has, and always will be my choice is case protection, especially the Commuter Series. It offers a good amount of protection, with keeping portability and pocketabilty in mind. The biggest plus, is this is a VERY comfortable case, and feels great in the hand, even more so if you like to hold the Evo 3D in your right hand (where the shutter button is located)

    The OtterBox Case is set up of 3 pieces: the inner silicon, the outer hard shell, and a screen protector. The silcon is a very soft and squishy type of silicon, what sets it apart from other silicon cases, is its ability to remove any lint that it might attract. It comes off with such ease in compared to other silicon cases I've had in the past. The outer shell is a hard, thin, but very durable plastic, that wraps on the outside of the case. It has an extra sense of protection for the phone and makes it easy to slide into your pocket!

    Now the screen protector has it's own kit: the screen protector itself, a small (really small, almost to the point where Im trying to use the cloth and my fingers end up touching the phone's screen anyways) micro fiber cloth, and a plastic card to push out the bubbles. The screen protector has 2 tabs on it, one for the sticky side where you lay it on the phone, and another on the actual surface of the screen where you pull it up after. Its easy enough to set up and a good enough screen protector, not the greatest but it gets the job done.

    The Cut outs are all perfectly where they should be, and perfectly sized. And the Camera hole was the biggest concern, but the thinkness of the case help get rid of worrying bout the camera lens hitting the table every time, but not to thick where it would cause shadowing on your photos. Both Mics are visable, and there is a tab for the MicroUSB port to protect from dust and dirt to get in there, the 2D/3D might be a little difficult to get to if you don't have long nails or big fingers.

    What I love most about this cast is that it covers the Shutter button, instead of of having a cutout for it. Before I had the case, it would be uncomfortable to hold the case with my right hand, so I was excited for that feature.

    Wrap Up
    The OtterBox Commuter Case lives up to the standard of their other cases and recommend this to anyone who thinks the Deffender is too big but still want a good amount of protection. The Screen Protector is average, but there are other options out there, those are up to preference. It's price is $35 on Otterbox's website, but I've seen it on the AC Store (Cheap plug =P) too for a few bucks less.

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    07-08-2011 04:27 PM