Well, I thought I would briefly start out telling you guys I have been a gadget freak a long time and the EVO 3D is my first Android phone so hopefully this first review helps you out. I waited for about two weeks to post up so I could use the cradle for a bit to give a proper user review on it.

    The cradle costs $29.95 from Seido which you can find here. seidioonline.com My use of the cradle has been mainly charging and transferring music,photos etc..I put it to more use than normal in the last couple weeks with transferring lots of fishing pics, fishing movies and music for the gym as well as some movies to watch.

    The over all build quality of the unit is pretty solid and it has good weight to it so I don't feel like I am going to tip it over when I plug in the phone. With out a case the phone fits nice and snug and It doesn't wiggle around in the dock or seem to appear to want to fall out of place either.

    Seido supplies the cradle with a plate that allows it to fit its cases and cases with extended batteries which sadly I wasn't able to test out since I don't own any. What i do have is 2 cases, an Otter Box Defender and a cheap Ebay plastic case. The cradle would not allow me to dock with the Defender case but would allow the cheap plastic one. It would have been nice for Seido to have maybe added a third plate for their line of cases and make the base unit design a more universal fit of some sort for those of us who do not have Seido cases.

    Overall The Seido Desktop Charging cradle is a great product. It will have a nice home in my room next to my bed plugged into my PC. I can now toss my old POS alarm clock I hate so much lol. A thanks to Seido for allowing me to give this review on this neat product. I look forward to seeing more of their products for the EVO 3D and I am thinking I will pick up a new case from them as well. Feel free to ask me any questions about the cradle thanks for your time
    08-11-2011 09:29 PM