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    In order to compete with LG Optimus 3D P920,

    HTC has announced a similar device, called HTC Evo 3D,

    to join the market share competition with LG.

    Unlike LG, HTC Evo 3D has a button for shifting the camera mode

    between 2D & 3D,

    Melkco Premium Leather case has reserved a rectangular cut out for this button.

    After enjoying the photos of the cuttings on buttons,

    please take a more details look on the camera.

    Unlike the leather case for LG, Premium case for HTC Evo 3D has three specific cuttings for the camera, most of the users really admire the accurate and careful of Melkco's designers when developing this case. Please see more on these, and you will understand what I say..

    09-07-2011 04:31 AM

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