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    Hi, This Question might have been asked a million times, but let me be more specific:
    Present Scenario:
    Intend on Getting the 4000 mAh Extended Battery for HTC EVO 3D and protecting my device as soon as possible as there is only so long I can keep wrapping my phone in a soft cotton cloth and making it look like a maxi pad.

    Things I want to Know availability of and suggestions for probably the best option:
    1. Extended Case With Holster.
    a. Should be most protective, including screen, buttons(though not affecting usability), camera, and slots.
    b. Sturdy and Durable, regardless of size.
    c. Having a Separate Screen and camera Protector built into the case(other than the installed one on the phone screen) would be a plus.
    Unfortunately, the Otterbox Defender does not have an extended case or that would be something I would want or rather buy immediately because I don't worry about the bulk after having spent a bulk of money already.

    As of now I see only two options are available close to that,
    i: Seidio Convert Extended Combo
    ii. Seidio Active Extended(with Holster to be purchased separately or does it include the holster by default).

    The question is whether it is worth waiting for the Ballistic HC for the EVO 3D as I doubt it has/will have an extended case model or have features similar to the Otterbox Defender. Wish either has a case that supports extended battery and more importantly be available in the first place.

    2. Docking Charger:
    a. Docking charger should be able to hold the phone with the extended case and not pose any connectivity/charging issues or instability.
    b. Provision of Separate charging port to charge a separate battery would be a plus.

    3. HDMI cable:
    a. Proper Working cable that facilitates charging as well as output to another device. If original company accessory cable is available would be great to know.
    Or else how does the DLNA facility work?! I intend on getting a mid range 3D monitor because hell no can I afford one of 'em big a$$ LED 3D TVs after purchasing this phone

    4. Car Holder w Charger:
    a. Position to be able to be tilted horizontally or vertically and be able to grip the phone adequately for GPS/Maps navigation without the phone popping out on hitting any bumps considering Indian Roads and how famous they are for them in fact more bumps less road so it would be like traveling through a Jungle!
    b. Having the facility to charge as well as output audio and/or video via the micro USB port would really be a nice feature.

    Yeah I can hear You All Say, "Yeah Right, Don't We ALL Wish So, But Alas!" lol
    But then, please guide to those that you know of or better still have experienced personally with honest opinions and I would highly appreciate it.

    Only problem I feel that I might face is availability in India because from the research I did I seem to find the ebay.in dudes selling a very few of the available accessories rather at a bit costly price! Wonder if the product with shipping costs to India really costs that much because the difference seems to be plenty a dollar(or rather rupee) when compared to the price mentioned on some international sites. If I could save a couple of bucks getting the product/s directly from an alternate international seller that has the facility to ship to India without humping a premium, I wouldn't mind because one thing I don't like are Greedy B@#t@rd$!

    Thanks for your patience. Cheers.
    10-05-2011 10:54 PM
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    Wow Looks Like I live up to My Introduction and Description as always!!! Those of you who are looking for some bare essentials for your HTC EVO 3D, please refer to the attached document with Links and Prices to choose according to preference and save yourself some precious time!

    If you still have other suggestions would love to hear from you!

    Hope it is helpful. CHEERS!
    10-06-2011 07:08 PM