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    Got my black Kraken for 3D last week from Tridenteer.com. To put it mildly, it's a very disappointing product.

    I already have a Trident Aegis for Evo 3D, which fits absolutely perfectly and doesn't have any parts that make creaking or rattling noises. Also, it has a nicely textured outer hard polycarbonate layer and an inner soft silicone layer, which is raised both in the front around the screen and in the middle of the back, providing two-sided anti-skid protection. However, I wanted more drop protection, more silicone plugs for ports and a kickstand, so I decided to try out the new Trident Kraken.

    On my Kraken, the part of the front cover that sits on top of the phone, where the headphone jack and the power button are located, does not securely latch onto the back cover. There's about a millimeter of play in the gap between them, which allows the front cover to flex and make creaking sounds when pressed on. Also, it makes it much harder to press the power button, because the poorly fitting front cover restricts the travel of the power button almost to zero. I've reassembled the whole case at least three times already, so this is not user error in putting it together and not something that can be remedied by reassembling the case.

    Also, unlike the Aegis, the texture of the polycarbonate is not very pleasant and the edges of both front and back covers around the corners are not hidden by silicone and are quite sharp. The silicone isn't raised either on the front or on the back of the case, so there's no anti-skid protection whatsoever.

    Another low point is the kickstand. I almost broke a fingernail trying to pry it open, ended up using a sharpened chopstick. After opening and closing it about ten times, it loosened up a bit, but is still quite hard to open with a fingernail. But the worst thing is that its two metal parts, the actual stand and the support that is inserted into the case, rattle against each other when you even barely touch the case anywhere around the kickstand, when it is in the closed position. The camera button rattles too, just as loudly as the kickstand.

    Misleadingly, Trident advertises the Kraken as having dust filters, which are distinct from the silicone plugs for ports, and a charm attachment for keychains/accessories. Neither are actually present on the current design.

    I really want to love this case, but find it quite hard to do so. Maybe, some of these issues can be fixed in future production runs, but I'm pretty much stuck with a creaking rattling dud. Still can't believe that the Aegis seems like a much higher quality case than the Kraken. I wonder if the Cyclops has the same issues, but don't feel like dropping even more money into Trident cases.
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    10-31-2011 03:02 PM