1. BiGsMiLeSKyLe's Avatar
    So taking the advice of many ppl on this forum, I sought to try and downgrade my phone so for the remainder that I have the 3D, rooting should be a lot more simpler with hboot 1.4 than 1.5. I am running scottsrom cleanrom reborn, so i downloaded the cd and booted it with a win7 laptop. Connected my phone and seems like the connection was good. I than proceded with the relock feature, since i thought i read somewhere that it may work with a custom rom and it seemed like it did until i was stuck on the bootloader screen with relock and security warning at the top. The phone couldnt get out of the fastboot screen, and any options on the bootloader led me back to the fasboot screen. I realized that i should've flashed the 2.17 rom before this, so i turned off the phone and put the img onto the sd card, and from there it appeared i was back on track with the downgrade procedure. I was able to brick it and go through the operation of unbricking the phone from the livekit cd, and i got up to running the ruu 1.13 step. My phone is now back to the way it was prior to the downgrade with reborn running but the RUU is unable to successfully upgrade to the 1.13. So i am just wondering what should my next step be. my phone is relocked with reborn running on it. Should I just flash 2.17 on it and re-brick my phone?
    07-25-2012 10:06 AM
  2. xcpefrmreality's Avatar
    I don't know about the rom you're running, ill assume its ics. Are you seeing 1.13 in settings? The virgin mobile leak rom base is 1.13 so its likely that you are on 2.17 firmware already.

    If you're not sure, just flash the 2.17 firmware zip. If you can't find it just let me know, I have it in dropbox. It'll upgrade you to hboot 1.5 but that's no biggie since you're s-off. If you want hboot 1.4 or 1.04 engineering hboot I can hook you up with either of those too.

    You could run the 2.17 ruu but its gonna unroot you and give you stock recovery again. Just a pain in the neck.
    07-25-2012 06:14 PM