1. Kracov's Avatar
    Hi all. I bought my Evo 3D phone from someone and the wifi is not working. Trying to turn it on just results in "Error". Apparently this is rooted and/or has custom firmware. The software is NegaLite BluROM with android 4.0.3. I was wondering if anyone could help a root/cfw newbie with step by step instructions on how to get wifi working again. My google research showed something about a Mobster ROM being the best firmware, but have no idea about anything.
    05-19-2015 05:51 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The first thing to try would be the stock ROM. Try HTC EVO 3D - XDA Forums for links to ROMs, how to flash a ROM to that phone and links to software you may need.
    05-19-2015 06:04 PM

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