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    A couple days ago I could see my pc under devices named daniel-pc. Click on that (I'm within the music app trying to simply stream music from my shared folder on my computer) and I was receiving an error message saying something to the effect of I do not have permission to access this... Please allow access and try again. I don't remember the exact wording and I will post about that when I can get to it.

    For now I have a different issue. I am connected to my wifi, I go to the music app hit the top evo 3d thing or menu -> select player and it simply buffers for a min then does not find my damn pc for some reason. I did a factory reset, no dice, hooked up via cable, ditto. I Updated profile and prl. I Did absolutely nothing different to my computer or router settings. I Updated my router firmware after not working which also did not help.

    Btw my xbox which is hooked up via ethernet finds and plays daniel-pc just fine. My computer is not wifi its using ethernet to get to the router. As I sed earlier I could see my pc when going to select player so that isn't the issue. Thanks ahead. First post sorry for the length.
    07-06-2011 09:48 AM

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