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    One of my google calendars isn't displaying its events anymore. I just noticed this today. I can see that it is checked. But none of the events are there. This is not my default calendar, but it is the one I use most frequently.

    This is also the second time this has happened. To the same calendar. I had to do a factory reset last time. Does anyone have an thoughts as to why this would occur? All the events are still there when I look at the web calendar.

    The only thing that I can think of that could differentiate this calendar from others is that it was created 2 years ago by importing calendar data. Either iCal or Palm Desktop, I don't remember.

    If you guys and gals have any awesome Ideas I am all ears.

    09-13-2011 12:13 AM
  2. dhartman82's Avatar
    09-14-2011 09:25 AM
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    I'd like to know too. My main calendar syncs some events but not all of them. I've been trying to figure it out with no luck.
    09-14-2011 12:00 PM