1. TheJediGoddess's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    I have the pink body glove case. I'm a bit of a clutz so I need one with better protection. I am looking at this sedio case w/ the kickstand (I'm too new to post the link).
    Only thing is it looks like the design of the case prevents one from watching it in landscape mode and charging at the same time. Is this a big issue or are we still able to finagle it to charge? Also, any other suggestions for a case that's similar but doesn't have the port issues?

    Thanks so much!!!
    09-29-2011 07:02 AM
  2. cgardnervt's Avatar
    I like the Otter Box cases. If you want a thinner case Id take a look at the commuter case. I have the defender and I like it for the most part. Just it adds a lot of bulk to the case.

    Also keep in mind the commuter comes with 2 screen protectors too! Its worth checking out.
    09-29-2011 10:25 AM
  3. TheJediGoddess's Avatar
    Is the kickstand an issue though? While in the stand can I charge?
    09-29-2011 10:38 AM
  4. warpdrive's Avatar
    Is the kickstand an issue though? While in the stand can I charge?
    get a dock for charging and watching videos in landscape mode.
    when you first plug in the phone to the dock it will go into "dock mode". just hit the "X" to exit the dock mode and then run any program (netfix and such). the dock still charges your phone at the same time.

    the seidio dock works great with the active case still on. I'm sure it will also do well with the kickstand case too but may not be a 100% perfect fit.
    09-29-2011 10:45 AM
  5. PSYCHOTRON_CB's Avatar
    I use the black surface case with kickstand and i really like it. it works with the Seidio dock and car dock i have. The kickstand on the case seems like if you mishandle it it could break but if your not a little kid playing with it id say it would last a long time.
    09-29-2011 01:34 PM