1. jeffro77's Avatar
    Recently I noticed that ActiveSync calendar updates aren't being displayed in my HTC calendar widget (agenda view). This includes both new items (they don't show up) and deleted calendar items (they aren't removed).

    In some testing, I found that if I delete the ActiveSync account and then re-add it, I get a good calendar "sync" to the widget, but any updates after initial setup don't get "synchronized". This "sync" problem is limited only to the agenda view widget; calendar updates actually do happen, and I can see calendar modifications by actually going into the full calendar application. Once I discovered that calendar syncs are, in fact, happening, I then found that removing the widget and re-adding it will bring in the current calendar, complete with all recent changes.

    Removing and re-adding the widget on a daily basis is rather a pain in the arse.

    Is anybody else seeing this kind of issue? Any fixes?
    12-07-2011 09:21 AM
  2. suzi's Avatar
    I use one of the HTC Sense calendar widgets, and I get the same kind of problem. I did a few tests just now, and here are the results:

    I have two gmail accounts and an Exchange account. The widget only shows the appointments tied to my default gmail account, not the other two accounts. The EVO 3D is new for me; and this same widget worked fine on my previous EVO (non-3D) - at least until I cracked it up on the pavement...

    I also have an HTC Flyer, and even weirder, it is showing the default account and the Exchange account, but not the other gmail account.

    On both devices, all appointments show in the actual calendar, just not in the widget.
    12-07-2011 12:21 PM