1. keem5's Avatar
    Does anyone uses Easytether on Evo 3d ? it was working very well for a long time and then now it pc keep disconnects i have to close the software and re-open it. I tried to uninstall and re-install the windows 7 driver as well as the app on the phone but still doesnt work properly.
    05-05-2012 03:30 AM
  2. RaAkhenaton_AC's Avatar
    It's worked well for me for months on Win 7 and Vista machines and as an on-the-go connection for my Acer A500. My only complaint is that the app kills my Bluetooth connection if I start tethering after activating Bluetooth. That could be user error, though--since I don't know much about the app beyond its ultimate use.

    I hope you find a solution soon!
    05-05-2012 05:08 AM