1. Evo Longoria's Avatar
    I've done some looking around, but I haven't found a solution that has solved the problem, so I hope this isn't redundant:

    I have two or three Google calendars. If I go to the website, I see them all fine and can see the information in them. I have my EVO 3D (Gingerbread; too many ICS complaints for me to run the OTA) set to sync and to show these calendars, but none but the main one will show. This is true whether I have them set to show multiple calendars together or set to show only individual ones. I tried clearing the data in Calendar Storage and resyncing; it made no difference. I don't use the stock Calendar app; I use Jorte and Pimlical, but none of the three of them will show the other calendars (which I believe is because there's only one group of calendar selection settings, no matter which app you use). BTW, the other calendars don't show on either of my tablets, either, so it's not really just a 3D problem.

    Does anyone have any idea how to correct this situation?
    08-19-2012 06:35 PM