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    So in the last couple of days I have noticed that every time I unlock my phone my Twitter (official) app is always the app that pops up. Even if it wasn't the last app open before locking the phone, it's always the first one to come on. I've also noticed that my touch screen is sometimes becoming unresponsive. These are probably two separate issues, but they both started happening around the same time.

    I have run both AVG and Avast (Both installed and run separately from the other) and no issues seemed to be recognized.

    As I am typing this I am remembering that I am using Widget Locker as my launcher, but I've been using that for months with no issue. I have checked different settings within widget locker but don't seem to see anything regarding the app that opens on unlock.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to 1)what this might be or 2) how to stop it?

    oh....Stock Unrooted Sprint Evo 3D with ICS
    12-12-2012 03:05 PM

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